The Best Deep Cycle Battery For Trolling Motor 2019

Anywhere from a short trip down the bayou swamp or a long journey to an ocean coast, good boats need trolling motors to get the job done.

For fantastic trolling motor function, you need a more excellent deep cycle battery that offers longer propelling motion across a body of water, provide backup to power lights and other appliances you will need for long trips, and provide bulky duty service that you will not find in a typical starting battery alone.

You might want to refer to this guide to the best deep cycle battery for trolling motors to find that out—feel free to scroll down below.

A Quick Look On The Buying Guide of The Top Deep Cycle Battery For Trolling Motors 2019

VMAX Minnkota Group 27 MR127 is a 12-Volt battery system unit and has an ample capacity that runs a great 35-amperage per hour, and as much as up to 100 amps per hour in total size. Relatively free of maintenance an overall compact light was trolling motor battery.

Optima Blue Top D34M is a premier best-seller under the brand’s lineup with a standard issue 12-Volt battery system unit with a dual-purpose function of ‘cold’ cranks in amperage of about 750. What continues to be remarkable about this product is that it has a beautiful “reservation capacity” that can run up to 2 hours—great for emergencies.

Interstate DCMOO35 Marine is a standard 12-Volt battery system unit that offers 35-amperage per hour. What can be an essential feature of this product is that it has “longer” power relative to its modest design. It can last for quite a long duration, relative to other battery products you can find out there.

List Of The Top Rated Deep Cycle Battery For Your Trolling Motors You Can Find Online

The VMAX Minnkota Group 27 MR127 Battery

Considerably light in weight (at about 1 lb!), it is one of the better considerable options you can find in the market when it comes to trolling motors that offer the best performance.

And, due to its design and its overall size, you can get a bias in demographic favorability and will probably find this product a fantastic feature for different kinds of boats that are small in stature and size.

What is even more nifty, speaking of design, you have got a safe option choice that can save you a good deal of space and security in overall storage and can run up to a right 24 size or 27 in size when it comes to a battery bank unit.

Features And Specs:
– Dimension space of 14.9 by 8.7 by 15 inches
– Lightweight product that can weight up to a pound
– Can occupy groups of 24 – 27 in sizes.
– Plug-in accessories with 15-amperage and 60-amperage breaker
– Safe and easily placeable design structure

The Optima Blue Top D34M Battery

One of the best and most consistent battery products around, these batteries have a considerably powerful dual-purpose use within 750 amperage ranges for cold-cranks on the fly.

Among the best features of this battery product is most definitely the technology it employs (spiral cell) which helps to provide dimensions of performance by way of faster times for recharge, more times in the long-running and relatively much longer than most batteries you can find.

It has an impressive structure and design that helps to reduce overall damage and potential risks by way of minimizing the amount of vibrational strain movement in the internal structure of the battery itself—reduces heat and overcharging.

The product is resistant to water and relatively free of maintenance with protection that keeps the acid levels at bay, preventing leaks and spillage that can harm both the user and the environment all around.

An overall remarkable feature of these batteries is that they have a depth of discharge that is quite durable and sustainable even after long periods or duration of “discharge,” which can often be a detrimental situation for many different batteries at some point or another.

This product provides an answer to that problem, especially under the demand for excellent quality performance without breaking down in the long-term.

Features and Specs:
– Standard 12-Volt capacity
– CCA (cold-cranking amperes) of about 750
– Provides the capability for around 120 minutes consistency in performance
– Internal vibrational resistance that is fifteen times more than other batteries
– Patent “spiral” technology you will not find in most battery units, offering exceptional durability for battery performance in the long run
– Resistance to water
– Spillage free and free of maintenance
– Can run under extreme and cold weather
– Can perform even after a long period or duration of ‘discharge’

The Interstate DCM0035 Marine Battery

Considerable option by way of many reviews, this modest product offers a diverse set of variable benefits for trolling motors by being an SLA-AGM battery.

It has a structure casing that accommodates for different kinds of thermal contexts which reduces gas emissions and problems.

It is relatively lightweight but offers the right amount of amperage while being affordable to many different demographics, and is often an option not just for boats but for cars, too.

Features And Specs:
– 12-volt capacity
– Amperage per hour of 35A-H
– 8 lbs. in weight
– Easy to position in a variety of places
– Good, portable marine battery

Which Is The Best Battery?: Minn Kota or Interstate Or Optima Battery

Not the most clear-cut answer to the question, but overall it is the Optima Blue Top D34M Battery.

One should not get it wrong though: the VMAX Minnkota Group 27 MR127 Battery and the Interstate DCM0035 Marine Battery are fantastic batteries, but Optima Blue Top D34M Battery outclasses them by way of many different features, specs, and overall functions in the way the design and structure layout.

The Minnkota is probably great for those who want to a good performance battery that is compact and lightweight for its size, and the Interstate is suitable for those who want a good performance battery for just the right price range.

But, all things in consideration, the Optima Blue Top D34M Battery (by this article’s opinion, anyway) is the best dual-purpose and the best deep cycle battery for trolling motors you could possible for both size and affordability without sacrificing significant performance for 2019.

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