Breathing Coach Certification

breathing coach certification can be a powerful tool for assisting clients to heal and transform. Many therapists and relationship coaches incorporate breathwork into their practices to help their clients. It is also an effective addition to yoga, meditation and yin yoga trainings as a complementary technique that helps people move from their minds to their bodies. Regardless of the path you are on, whether you are a yoga instructor, therapist or wellness coach, adding breathwork to your practice will enhance the work that you do.

This online course is designed to teach you how to lead science-backed breathwork sessions for your students, clients or patients. It explores functional breathing from a scientific and practical standpoint, so you can inspire anyone from students to professional athletes to release their full potential.

Breathe Deep, Live Fully: Your Guide to Our Comprehensive Breathwork Course

The training offers a mixture of pre-recorded videos, written documents and live monthly Q&A sessions with Rachel and Lucy. The course can be completed at your own pace and you have the flexibility to take as long or short as you need.

You will learn the history, philosophy and theoretical applications of breathwork as well as its scientific underpinnings. You will also learn how to evaluate your client’s breathwork needs, contraindications and adverse reactions. You will also discover how to enter the energy field of your clients appropriately and how to offer verbal and physical cues in a supportive way. This is an excellent course for those who have a passion for helping others and who are willing to invest their time into their own personal development as well.

Vape Smoke Detector

Yes, a Vape smoke detector is an excellent new tool to help fight the rising teen smoking and vaping epidemic. These detectors are being used in school districts across the country as they are much more effective than traditional cigarette and marijuana smoke detectors. These devices are powered by batteries and heat a liquid to produce an aerosol that is then breathed in by the user, usually nicotine, CBD, or THC. The aerosols disperse more quickly in a well-ventilated area and reduce harmful chemicals in the air.

How can you tell if someone is vaping in your house?

It is important to keep in mind that the tiny particles produced by vapor are lighter than smoke and can trick a photoelectric smoke detector into triggering. The best way to avoid setting off a smoke alarm when using your device is to use it in a well-ventilated area. This will make sure that the vapor doesn’t drift into a neighboring room or apartment. Another option is to use your device near a window or fan that can blow the vapor out and away, reducing the chances of triggering a detector.

When choosing a vape smoke detector, it is crucial to look for one that has a low false alarm rate and that can be remotely managed and monitored. Also, consider a gadget that can provide fast alerts via text or email to people who are responsible for monitoring it. These types of detectors are an excellent choice for schools, colleges, workplaces, and any other place where smoking or vaping is banned.