Accommodation in Palmerston North New Zealand – Finding Accommodation

There are a lot of new businesses opening up in and around Palmerston North, mostly because the main industry is now the tourism industry. However, the town itself isn’t only a popular tourist attraction; it’s also a very good place to find good quality accommodation in the town. As a result, the number of motels and hotels has increased, creating more competition for customers in terms of price and quality. Finding the best deal on your accommodation in Palmerston North isn’t hard if you know where to look; and luckily there’s a lot of choice when it comes to choosing accommodation. Below we’ll discuss some of the best places to look for a hotel or motel in Palmerston North.

accommodation in palmerston north

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Accommodation In Palmerston North

One of the most popular types of rooms available in Palmerston North is in the town center – rooms which are housed in a business centre or in a busy street. You’ll usually find these types of rooms in the middle of the shopping area, with convenient access to the ferry terminal as well as the Freeview television centre. They can be located a little further out of the centre, in places like Diamond Point or in front of the Botanical Gardens. If you are willing to pay for a little more privacy (perhaps because you are looking for a private room) then you might consider paying for a premium suite. Many of these rooms have a small garden nearby, and they often come with a penny arcade, a miniature golf course or other similar amenities.

If you aren’t keen on paying for a premium suite, then you can choose a cheaper room in the city centre. You can often find mid-priced rooms in the centre of town in an area called Diamond Point. Or you could just try a budget hotel in Palmerston North, such as the Holiday Inn Express or the Easytone Hotel, which are both situated in the centre of the town and fairly cheap. The Motel World is also a very popular choice, as it offers a number of rooms for lower than mid-range rates. There are all sorts of different accommodations available, so no matter what your budget or needs are, you should be able to find something suitable in the town of Palmerston North.