Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Has a New Marijuana Delivery Service

Marijuana Delivery Service

Mail Order Marijuana, we aim to create a convenient, affordable, reliable, and safe medical marijuana access to people who cannot go to one of our local dispensaries, or who want the convenience of online delivery. Currently, we offer our highly specialized online cannabis home delivery service in New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and parts of Suffolk County. You will receive the same top-quality, low-priced cannabis products as available in our New Yorkohydrogenic dispensary, right at your front door.

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The new application also allows patients to order from any location using their cell phone, even while away from home. Patients will no longer have to leave the comfort of their own home, and no longer have to drive a great distance to pick up their medication. The new Marijuana Delivery Service gives patients another convenient option to purchase their medicine from wherever they are: simply download the mobile application, which are compatible with most smart phones, and order whenever it is convenient for them. The application connects to a secure network of approved marijuana delivery service drivers with medical marijuana clinics across the country.

The system is used as an information exchange between these licensed businesses and eliminates the need for patients to go to the office of the pharmacies where they would otherwise be making pickups. This saves time, makes transactions easier, and keeps drivers away from the dangerous environment of high-pressure sales locations where profit margins are highest. According to estimates, the new system may prevent as many as 20 billion trips to medical marijuana clinics by eliminating the need for patients to make trips out of town. Some patients may also be encouraged to use the new system if they want to purchase discretely without the worry that their purchase could fall into the wrong hands.