Playground Equipment For Schools


Playground equipment for schools  provides children with an engaging way to exercise their bodies and minds. Educators can help nurture the development of their students by offering them a space where they can take risks, explore and build strength.

Whether your school has an extensive playground or a small patch of dirt, the right school playground equipment can make all the difference in encouraging kids to explore their boundaries and push their limits. A quality playground can inspire kids to engage in competitive activities, too. This could be anything from hide and seek to sports, tag or a variety of other games that get their blood pumping.

The Impact of Innovative Playground Equipment on Children’s Development in Schools

Kids of this age group also develop their fine motor skills by using climbing equipment, like monkey bars. While this equipment has evolved from its classic form (a horizontal ladder suspended above the ground by upright poles) into more advanced variations, they all allow kids to swing and climb in a number of directions.

This equipment helps children improve their balance, coordination and strength, while also increasing their core stability. The teeter-totter is one of our favorite examples, but it’s not as traditional as you might think. The CPSC requires that teeter-totters limit their maximum angle to 25 degrees and use partial car tires or other shock-absorbing materials to prevent injuries when kids fall off.