Protect Your Business With a Proxy Detection Database

A proxy detection database can help you protect your business from a number of online threats. It can detect fraud and monitor users’ activity. By implementing a proxy detection solution, you can prevent fraudulent traffic and reduce compliance.

Proxy connections are a primary source of fraudulent traffic. They hide a user’s real IP address and mask the location of an online transaction.

IPQS uses proprietary techniques to provide unparalleled accuracy. This proxy detection service distinguishes between open and anonymous proxies. Its advanced data set includes over 25 risk analysis data points. You can use this database to identify high risk connections and determine whether to block them.

IPQS is available as a standalone product or can be integrated into custom or enterprise firewalls. Using its proprietary methods, it detects riskier IP addresses with speed and accuracy. With adjustable strictness levels, IPQS can be customized to meet your needs.

IPQS also features the most advanced data set for proxy detection. This database tracks Tor exit relay nodes and IP addresses associated with proxy services. Unlike blacklists, which are frequently inaccurate, IPQS techniques are precise and reduce false-positives.

The IPQS data set can be downloaded for free while the subscription is active. There are APIs that can be used to perform automated checks. Also, it offers the option of a 1-click deployment to keep IP address reputation feeds updated.

IPQS is the most accurate proxy detection service on the market. IPQS can be deployed to SOAR platforms and popular enterprise firewalls.