The Eb1a Visa Requirements Criteria

The eb1a visa requirements criteria refer to the criteria that aliens of extraordinary ability have to meet when applying for their green card. This visa category is very specific in terms of its criteria, and it is not easy to get approved for it. According to USCIS, it is for foreigners who have “sustained national or international acclaim through their significant achievements in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics”.

To prove that you qualify for this visa, there are various types of evidence that can be provided. Some of these include receipt of major internationally recognized awards, commercial successes in the performing arts such as box office receipts or record, cassette, compact disk, or video sales, and published articles in professional or major trade journals. Another type of valid proof is membership in prestigious associations that require outstanding accomplishments from its members.

However, the most important criterion that you must fulfill is proving that you have extraordinary ability. This is the most difficult requirement to satisfy because it requires you to demonstrate that you have not only commanded a high salary, won awards and accolades, and were featured in the media, but also that your contribution to your field is of such great significance that it has given you sustained international or national acclaim. If you can provide this evidence, then it will show that you have made a huge impact in your particular field of expertise and that the United States will benefit from your presence and your continuing work in the country.