Wedding Venues in Newcastle Upon Brunswick

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You are all set for a memorable and enchanting wedding celebration in Newcastle Spanswick, and you have made the final decision on where to hold your wedding reception ceremony. It is now up to you to decide which of the many wedding venues Newcastle NSW is suitable for your big day and reception. There are a wide variety of wedding venues available in Newcastle Spanswick, and you have a wide variety of options. Your wedding venues in Newcastle will depend on the number of guests that are expected to attend your wedding reception. This will also largely depend on the budget that you have available.

How to Choose Wedding Venues in Newcastle Upon Brunswick

There are many different types of wedding venues in Newcastle uponswick. The two most popular wedding venues in Newcastle are: The Princess Theatre and The Central Park Theatre. Princess Theatre is situated in the centre of Newcastle uponswick, and is a renowned wedding venue. The Princess Theatre hosts some of the best weddings and receptions in the region and this venue is highly popular among couples. Although, due to its popularity, it has seen a lot of expansion in terms of capacity, and there are now more services available such as a wedding coordinator.

Central Park Theatre on the other hand is a small sized venue that is situated off the main street in Central Park. It has a number of smaller shops and restaurants, and is one of the most affordable wedding venues in Newcastle uponswick. However, unlike the Princess Theatre, Central Park Theatre does not host any functions such as weddings or receptions. It is suitable for both intimate and large wedding ceremonies.