Learn More About the Tiny Tea Cup Poodle

The Tea Cup Poodle is an officially licensed-sized variation of the regular-sized poodle. They are extremely lovable and adorable. Their small size also means that they’ll adapt easily to almost any environment and they do not possess do have many do not have grooming requirements. Learn more about teacup poodles

Facts About the Hypoallergenic Teacup Poodle Dog

The Tea Cup Poodle is a cross between the standard poodle and the toy poodle. They’ve got all the standard features of a standard poodle but they’ve been given fancy little touches like being able to be “clipped”. Clipping is when you cut a little flap on their back and they automatically “go to ground” so that all the hair on their body stands up. Although these dogs do make beautiful works of art, these aren’t your basic poodles that you’d see at the park playing fetch.

The toy dog breeds are extremely popular today but the tea cup poodle really stood out among the other dog breeds when it was created. This tiny dog makes a super cute companion for young children and it also provides companionship for those with physically challenged dogs as well. They will stand there beside your young ones while they play and they’ll get a real close shave while they do it too. These are extremely furry little dogs that are full of character and you’ll fall in love with them as soon as you get your hands on one.

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