Example of Metaphor

Metaphors are a way of describing things, events, or people. They are also common in everyday speech and conversation. For example, in a story, a middle-aged unmarried man is compared to a dog. The comparison is a metaphor, and both are true. However, sometimes a metaphor may be used to describe something that isn’t even a real thing.

What are 5 examples of metaphor?

Sometimes, a metaphor can help you see a more positive perspective. If you’re facing a tough situation, metaphors can help you see the bigger picture. If you’re fighting cancer, for example, you may think of your treatment as a climb up a mountain. You’ll feel better and more motivated if you look at life this way.

The sun is another good example of a metaphor. Shakespeare compared Romeo and Juliet to the sun, a metaphor that elevates the subject of the poem. The sun provides energy for life, so life on earth would not exist without it. In a similar way, describing someone as the sun elevates their importance. Another example of metaphor is a song. In this song, the singer is describing a love interest. For example, if she fell, she might scrape her knees and be in need of a Band-Aid. While a Band-Aid does a temporary job, it isn’t permanent.