Restored Defender Restoration

The Defender is the boxy, burly off-roader that has stood for freedom and independence for decades. Few vehicles summon up the same romance and nostalgia as an original Defender, yet they are increasingly rare in the United States, where high-mileage examples often command prices that could buy a brand new vehicle. Resource :

How do I know if my defender is running?

East Coast Defender is an auto-restoration workshop that specializes in turning old Land Rovers into overland-ready works of art. The company works with clients to box up their Defender, haul it to Florida and turn it into a one-of-a-kind machine ready to conquer the wildest parts of the world.

Himalaya, located in Solihull, England, builds Defenders that are near-identical to the ones that rolled off the assembly line during the ’80s and ’90s. But they also add little touches that add a hint of modernity, like disc brakes and an upgraded stereo.

Classic Overland

This pristine and fully restored Land Rover Defender is the brainchild of Stebin Stebin, a South African who returned to America and founded Classic Overland in 2017. He teamed up with Stewart Vernon and Mac Leskosky to create a premium Defender rebuild that brings the overland experience to the States for others to enjoy.


UK-based Arkonik is known for creating some of the finest Land Rover Defender restoration builds, transforming the off-roader into made-to-order adventure vehicles that are tailor-made for any client. They build these cars with Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs and Alcon brakes, and they can customize them to include power windows, power door locks, traction control and ABS.