What Is a Link Scanner?

A link scanner is a tool that automates the process of checking links and flagging potentially malicious ones. It is not infallible (nor are any cybersecurity tools) but it saves a lot of time and makes life much easier for security teams.

Unsafe links look like shortcuts to funny videos, shocking news stories, awesome deals, and “Like” buttons but are actually designed to steal your information or hijack your device. You can encounter them in email, instant messages, text or social media posts, and even website ads. It is easy to click on them by accident and end up getting hit with a cyberattack.

Link Scanner Tools: Navigating the Web Safely through URL Analysis

Typical link scanners work by checking a URL against a database of ratings and reviews compiled from the input of many users. The well-known WOT (web of trust) link checker is an example of this kind of software.

Unfortunately, such solutions don’t work very well against phishing attacks because malicious links often appear quickly and disappear before the reputation databases can register them. You should always find a solution that backs up the performance of its domain name reputation system with more holistic methods to ensure protection from phishing attacks.

The Data Link Scanner is a utility scanner that can be deployed on SRVs and ships. It can be used to scan for logs, interact with selected targets, and highlight points of interest including Data Points, Auto-Defense Turrets, Cargo Bays, Comms Arrays, and Hackable Data Transmitters.