Boric Acid Suppositories

Boric acid suppositories are a treatment for yeast infections and other vaginal conditions. They work by preventing Candida fungi from growing in the vagina. They are available over-the-counter as solid, oval-shaped capsules that become liquid when inserted into the vagina.

Boric Acid Suppositories for Yeast Infections

The FDA has use of boric acid suppositories to treat vaginal yeast infections. The drug works by killing or stopping the growth of yeast in your vagina and relieving symptoms like itching, burning, and irritation.

Use this medication only as directed by a doctor. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about other medicines you may be taking, and if any of them interact with this medication.

You should not use boric acid if you have open wounds in the vagina or any other infection. Also, you should not use this medicine while pregnant.

Boric Acid Suppositories: The Benefits and Risks You Need to Know

AZO Boric Acid suppositories contain 600mg of boric acid each. They also contain Aloe Vera, a naturally sourced ingredient (gel) that has been used for thousands of years and is known for its soothing & moisturizing properties.

How to Use AZO Boric Acid Suppositories

To use AZO Boric Acid suppositories, gently insert one suppository into the vagina, as far as it comfortably fits. You can insert it with your finger, an applicator that comes with anti-thrush treatments, or a suppository inserter.

The suppositories should be inserted at bedtime, so you can get a good night’s sleep. You should also use a panty liner to reduce any watery leakage that may occur after the suppository is inserted.