Email Validation – How to Check If an Email Address Is Valid

email validity check

Email Validation is one of the key factors in improving email validity check marketing ROI. Whether you are an email service provider with large lists or a business that frequently adds new prospects to their mailing list, knowing how to check if an email address is valid can save time and money. Not only does validating your email addresses ensure that they are actually reachable, it also helps reduce spam complaints and prevents your emails from being blacklisted.

With an estimated six billion email addresses in the world, it can be difficult to know if you are sending to a real or fake email address. In addition to typos and syntax errors, some email addresses are temporary or were set up long ago and then forgotten. Others may be a spam trap or blacklisted by major email providers.

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In order to improve email marketing ROI, businesses must be able to reach the inboxes of their prospective customers and clients. To do this, they need to use a tool that can quickly verify whether an email address is valid without the need for a reply or even sending an email.

The best email verification services on the market have 99% accuracy, meaning that the vast majority of emails they check are valid. They do this by running each email address through multiple databases that contain entries ranging from typos and syntax errors to spam traps and catch-all addresses. They then look at the domain, mail server, and email account to make sure they exist and can receive email.