How to Choose an Espresso Machine for Sale Commercial

espresso machine for sale commercial

Whether you own a coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant, an espresso machine for sale commercial commercial is one of the most important investments you will make. It may not be possible to test a machine before buying, but it is important to understand the different options and capacity.

You should first look at your pro-forma or sales estimates in order to determine how many drinks you will serve during peak hours. During these times, it is critical that your espresso machine has the capacity to keep up with demand without compromising on quality. It is also important to plan for growth in your business, and your espresso equipment should be able to expand as your customer base grows.

For a low-volume coffee shop or mobile coffee business, a single-group espresso machine might be sufficient. These machines offer a high-quality product for a low cost and are typically UL listed for safety. Some even come with a stainless steel steam wand. This makes them a great option for locations with limited space and budgets.

Espresso Excellence: Finding the Perfect Commercial Espresso Machine for Your Business

A larger volume coffee shop, bar, or cafe will need a two-group machine. These are usually semi-automatic and have a higher capacity than single-group models. They are also ideally equipped for a higher level of automation to help speed up production during peak hours.

Busy coffee shops and cafes will want to choose a commercial espresso machine with a high steam boiler capacity, typically in the range of 20 liters or more. This will ensure that there is always enough hot water and steam pressure to complete the drink orders in a timely fashion. Some models will even feature proportional-integral-derivative controllers (PID) or digital temperature controls, which will automatically monitor and manage heating levels to maintain optimal boiler temperatures.