How to Use a Carpet Repair Tool

Carpeting is a beautiful addition to any home, offering comfort, insulation, and sound deadening. However, it can also suffer from stains and damage. Replacing a damaged area can be expensive.

A carpet repair tool is an easy, inexpensive way to fix a small damaged section of carpet. The tool uses a remnant or piece of carpet from a hidden area to instantly repair burns, stains, rips and tears.

Donor pieces can be sourced from remnants that were left over from the original installation or from leftovers in the garage, attic or basement. Ideally, the donor carpet is a new version of the same type of carpet as the damaged area.

Must-Have Carpet Repair Tools for Every Homeowner: Tips and Recommendations

To make sure your patch fits perfectly, run your hand across the carpeting to establish which direction the fibers naturally run in. If the donor piece is not in the correct direction, you will need to cut it to fit properly before installing it.

Step 2: Place a Strip of Tape

To protect the surrounding area, cut four strips of carpet tape to cover the damaged section. Remove the protective paper from one side of each strip as you place it over the floor in the patch area.

Step 3: Place a Patch of Carpet

After the new patch has been placed in the hole, you can now splice it into place using a star wheel seam roller or a comb made from natural fibers. This method of blending the two patches will help to blend them in, minimizing any visual differences between them.