Late 90s Fashion Trends

late 90s fashion

The late late 90s fashion saw a major transformation in the music and fashion scene. In the music world, hip-hop artists became popular, and the rap trend added a bolder look to the overall style. And in the fashion world, the sheer fabric trend dominated.

During the ’90s, glamazons were replaced by a more relatable and flattering look. Kate Moss and other women in the industry personified that new beauty.

Fashion designers, like Marc Jacobs, put unstructured pieces on the catwalk. Later, this style was adopted by designers like Tom Ford.

The ’90s was a decade that saw many of the best-known supermodels assemble a group, the ‘Big Five.’ They were Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Moss.

Among the most influential fashion trends during the ’90s were hoodies and cargo shorts. These items were designed with the hip-hop culture in mind, and they were worn with jeans.

The Return of the Turtleneck: How 90s Fashion is Making a Comeback

Another early 90s fashion trend was a modest 50s-inspired dress with high-round necklines and long sleeves. It was a style that was worn by both young and old.

Cardigans were also a key part of the ’90s style. Often, they were worn with a matching tank.

The ’90s also saw the debut of folk attires from India. These were worn on the world stage for the first time.

Another early 90s trend was the use of tie-dyeing. The process involved twisting and folding the fabric, then immersing it in dyes.