Recalled Similac Baby Formula

Recalled Similac Baby Formula





















Recalled Similac Baby Formula is a brand of infant formula that has been recalled by the manufacturers. There are many reasons why Similac was recalled, including tainted powder, chemical ingredients, and insect parts. Here are the top reasons to stop using Similac and the alternatives. Read on to learn more about the recalled formula and how to avoid getting it. Alternatively, watch the video below to learn about alternatives.

Infant Nutrition Products That Have Been Recalled

The recalled baby formulas include EleCare, Alimentum, and Similac. The problem has been traced to a facility that manufactures these formulas. The products were likely exported to other countries. Health officials have issued a recall warning for these products. It is possible to tell whether a particular brand is contaminated by Cronobacter. In some cases, the contamination can be so severe that a baby could develop a serious illness.

The CDC is warning consumers to stop feeding their babies recalled Similac baby formulas. Some of the products may contain dangerous bacteria called Cronobacter sakazakii, which can cause invasive infections and even premature infant death. It is best to check the lot code of the formula you have purchased to ensure it is not contaminated. If you’re unsure, check the label on the bottle. It will also have information about the recall.

Recalled Similac Baby Formula is one of many infant nutrition products that have been recalled by Abbott Nutrition after four infants contracted a bacterial infection after consuming the products. This recall involves select lots of the brands Similac and Alimentum that were manufactured at a facility in Sturgis, Michigan. The Food and Drug Administration received four consumer complaints concerning bacterial infections in babies who consumed the products. Symptoms of Cronobacter include fever, poor feeding, and irritability.