The Media Schools at Dean Can Help You Find a Career in Sports Broadcasting

sports broadcasting

Sports broadcasting is a field that allows you to combine your passion for sports with the technical skills required to report and comment on them. A career in this area can mean everything from researching the latest statistics of rookie players to reporting live from the big game, and it all starts with an education. Source

Many people who pursue careers in the field of sports broadcasting start out working for local radio or television stations in small markets. They learn how to operate the controls in a professional control booth, edit audio and video and work with other members of the production team in order to get on air and provide commentary for sporting events. After gaining some experience, talented sports broadcasters often decide to take their skills and talent to larger markets and broader audiences, where they can command higher salaries.

Engaging Viewers: Social Media’s Role in Sports Broadcasting

In addition to play-by-play commentary, sports broadcasters also often give analysis and insight into the games they are presenting. This requires a thorough understanding of the game, its strategies and tactics, as well as historical context. This is a critical part of the job, and it allows listeners and viewers to connect more with the sport in a way that goes beyond simply reporting on game results and scoring.

The world of sports broadcasting is booming and offers exciting opportunities for those who want to combine their passions for sports, technology and storytelling. The Media Schools at Dean are proud to offer students a top-notch education in all of these fields, and our Ohio, Colorado, Illinois and Miami locations will help you build the skills necessary to find success in this fast-growing field.