Organize Your Home With Storage Baskets by Size

storage baskets by size

Keep everything and everyone organized with storage baskets by size that match your style.

Keeping your home tidy and clutter-free is a top priority for most of us. But putting together a streamlined organizing system can be difficult, especially when you have a lot of items to keep track of.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, it can be helpful to look for storage baskets by size. These versatile storage options come in a range of sizes, making them ideal for storing anything from small trinkets to large blankets.

Woven storage baskets made from natural fibers like wicker are great for linens, clothes and blankets because they’re breathable and keep fabrics fresher longer. However, woven baskets aren’t recommended for basements or bathrooms, as they may become moldy.

Small, Medium, Large: Sizing Up Your Storage Basket Options

Wire storage baskets are perfect for organizing your closet and pantry, and they’re easy to clean and won’t collect dust. They’re also great for holding paper goods, such as wrapping paper and kitchen paper towels.

Plastic storage bins are a budget-friendly alternative to woven baskets and are a simple yet effective way to optimize space and organization in your home. West elm’s selection of storage bins includes several that are ventilated, which allows you to see what’s inside and makes it easier to find items. They even come with optional tags that hang on the handles, which are a great way to label what’s inside without having to write it on with a dry-erase marker.