IT Support and Services Northampton

IT support and services Northampton

The IT services department is responsible for providing technical support, hardware acquisition, software maintenance and management, telecommunications infrastructure, information security and data storage. It also provides computer training for City departments and Northampton public schools. Other responsibilities include the official City website and central services.

Technology is now integral to all aspects of business, from managing records to communicating with clients. But without effective IT support, companies can experience a wide range of problems including data loss, downtime and even security breaches. Fortunately, IT support and services in Northampton can help companies manage IT effectively and minimise any disruption to their operations.

Comprehensive Support: IT Support and Services in Northampton

IT support services are provided by specialist technicians and can be accessed via the IT Portal or by telephone. Support can be provided for many issues such as installing supported software, recovering lost files, printer problems and accessing passwords and University accounts. The IT services team can also assist with technical advice about using computers and mobile devices or by setting up equipment such as cameras, scanners, and speakers.

Established in 2011, Simply IT is a Northampton-based IT support, services and solutions business with customers across the East Midlands. It was founded by David Barreau, an experienced network engineer with decades of IT expertise working in local government. His son Steffan joined the team a few years later, and the company is now offering a broad range of IT offers for businesses as well as IT managed services and education IT solutions.